Gamers 4 Gamers Team

G4GT is a passionate group of former gamers with over 100 years of combined experience in the survival genre. Fueled by their desire for game mechanics they wished existed during their gaming years, they crafted Escape The Pacific – a testament to their collective creativity and problem-solving.

With the community's feedback at the forefront of their minds, they're passionate about creating a game that resonates with and reflects the desires of fellow gamers.

Welcome to a world shaped by gamers, for gamers.


Escape the Pacific

Group 1164

A true test of survival instincts in a beautifully rendered open-world setting.

Escape the Pacific is an immersive survival game set in the 1800s, challenging players to navigate and escape the vast Pacific Ocean.

Cast as a stranded pioneer, you must master realistic sailing mechanics, build a modular raft, and endure the unpredictable elements. With dynamic weather based on real Pacific data, survival goes beyond crafting—hunt, explore, and grow crops. The game's authenticity extends to navigation tools like the Sun Dial, Sextant, Triangulation and much more!

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